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Who is Paul Jeffrey?

Paul Jeffrey is confused about whether he is a writer or a photographer. In such a chronically conflicted state he slaves away as a freelance photojournalist. He has filed stories or images from more than 90 countries in the world.

Here’s a collection of images captured by Paul from places here and there around the world.

Here’s a sampler of articles he has written lately. Well, not real lately. He’s chronically late at updating things.

Some recent books featuring his images include Where Mercy Fails, Rubble Nation, and Food Fight.

If you’re interested in talking with Paul about an assignment anywhere in the world, get in touch via email: If you’re in a hurry, his phone number is +1-541-206-4483.

In 2012, some people put together this video about Paul and his work.¬†And here’s a November 2013 podcast interview with him.

In 2019, David Valera filmed this interview with Paul and his wife, Lyda Pierce, as they retired from serving as United Methodist missionaries. (Yes, Paul knows he messed up the Dobbie Gillis reference. It was, of course, Maynard G. Krebs.) Here’s Paul’s final presentation that same year to churches that had supported his journalism for many years.

Paul shooting in Mexico City

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